Sage tea has been a source of healing and well-being for people all over the world for centuries. This aromatic infusion, extracted from the leaves of the sage plant (Salvia officinalis), offers a wealth of health benefits and has established itself as an effective home remedy. From soothing sore throats to improving digestion, sage tea has a long history as a natural medicinal herb.

History and origin

The use of sage as a medicinal herb dates back to ancient times. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans appreciated the therapeutic properties of this plant and used it for various medicinal purposes. The name “salvia” is derived from the Latin word “salvare”, which means “to heal” or “to save”, indicating the far-reaching healing properties of this plant.

The composition of sage tea

Sage tea is rich in essential oils, flavonoids, tannins and other bioactive compounds that give it its healing properties. These ingredients help to relieve inflammation, strengthen the immune system and rid the body of harmful free radicals.

Health benefits of sage tea

1. Aid digestion

Sage tea can help with digestion by reducing stomach acid and relieving digestive discomfort such as bloating and cramps. The tea’s soothing properties can also provide relief from stomach inflammation and heartburn.

2. Relief from sore throats and inflammation

Sage tea is a tried and tested household remedy for soothing sore throats and inflammation in the mouth and throat. The anti-inflammatory properties of sage can help reduce swelling and relieve pain, making it a popular remedy for sore throats, gingivitis and mouth ulcers.

3. Regulation of the menstrual cycle

For women, it can help regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve menstrual symptoms such as cramps and mood swings. The relaxing properties of the tea can also help to reduce stress and tension during menstruation.

4. Stress reduction and mood improvement

It has a calming effect on the mind and can help to reduce stress and improve mood. A cup at the end of a stressful day can help to calm the mind and create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Sage tea for certain diseases

1. Flu and colds

Sage tea is a popular home remedy for relieving flu and cold symptoms. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties can help to soothe coughs, loosen phlegm and reduce fever.

2. Indigestion

For people with digestive disorders such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation, sage tea can provide gentle and natural relief. The soothing properties of the tea can help to calm the stomach and aid digestion.

3. Menopausal symptoms

Menopausal women can benefit from sage tea as it can help to reduce hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings. The hormone-regulating properties of sage can help to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and improve overall well-being.


Sage tea is more than just a fragrant infusion – it’s a source of healing and well-being. From soothing sore throats to aiding digestion, this natural potion offers a multitude of health benefits. Whether enjoyed as a warming drink on cold days or used as a home remedy for various ailments, tea remains a timeless and effective addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Published on: 12. February 2024


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