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Chyavanprash is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal mixture that has been used for thousands of years in India to treat a variety of health problems and promote general well-being. In this comprehensive article, we will look at its discovery, forms of use, dosages, healing effects, possible side effects and much more.

The discovery of Chyavanprash

According to legend, Chyavanprash was developed for the sage Chyavana, who wanted to regain his youth and vitality in old age. The exact composition is recorded in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, with amla, the Indian gooseberry, as the main ingredient. This fruit is known for its high vitamin C content and antioxidant properties.

Dosage forms and dosage of Chyavanprash

Chyavanprash is usually offered in the form of a thick paste consisting of a variety of herbs, spices, plant extracts and minerals. It can be taken directly or used as a spread. A typical dosage is one to two teaspoons, twice a day, ideally in the morning and evening. It is recommended to take it with warm milk or water to improve absorption.

Healing effects of Chyavanprash

Chyavanprash offers a wide range of health benefits and is traditionally used to treat the following ailments:

  • Strengthening the immune system: the high content of vitamin C and other antioxidants strengthens the immune system.
  • Respiratory diseases: Relieves coughs and colds and improves respiratory function.
  • Digestion: It promotes healthy intestinal flora and supports digestion.
  • Cardiovascular health: It can help regulate cholesterol levels and support heart health.

Effect on the body

The ingredients in Chyavanprash work synergistically to nourish and strengthen the body. The herbs and spices in the blend help to regulate the balance of the doshas (body energies in Ayurveda), resulting in more energy, vitality and health.

Recommended intake times and precautions

Chyavanprash should be taken regularly to achieve optimal results. It is particularly useful during the change of seasons when the body is more susceptible to illness. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetics should consult a doctor before taking it as it contains sugar and other potent herbs.

Additional food supplements and medicinal plants

To complement the effects of Chyavanprash, other dietary supplements and medicinal plants may be helpful:

  • Turmeric: Supports immune function and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ashwagandha: Promotes vitality and stress reduction.

These medicinal plants are also found in many foods that are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Possible side effects and overdose

Although it is generally safe, in rare cases side effects such as stomach discomfort or allergic reactions may occur. An overdose can lead to stomach discomfort and malaise. It is important that the recommended dose is not exceeded.

Chyavanprash in naturopathy

In Ayurvedic medicine, chyavanprash is considered a “rasayana”, a substance that promotes health and longevity. It is used as a holistic remedy that supports the body on several levels and improves the quality of life.


Chyavanprash is more than just a dietary supplement, it is a way of life that is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic tradition. Due to its multiple health benefits and the support it provides to the body, it remains a valued natural remedy in modern healthcare. For anyone looking for a natural way to improve their health and well-being, it is a proven option.

Published on: 4. May 2024


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